Mentorships are held in person at the Jennifer Brindley Portrait studio in West Allis, WI.  With 1.000 square feet of space, the studio with natural light and a large variety of studio and location lighting equipment is perfect for learning about all varieties of light control techniques.  Whether you are interested in learning off camera flash for weddings, strobes for portraits, or natural light photography and posing, it’s the perfect space.  (photos shown below are from the old studio space.)

I also offer one-on-one mentoring sessions that do not involve live shooting.  Please scroll down to look at the various options and topics to choose from, and if there is something you’re interested in learning about that is not on this list please don’t hesitate to let me know.

If you are interested in personal mentoring please click HERE to fill out an application.


“I would highly recommend you to any other photographer who is looking to take their skill-set to a new level.  Your training was just a great experience and I can’t wait to incorporate some of what I learned into my next shoot.”  -John

“My weakness has been off-camera lighting, a topic I neglected for far too long and your training was spot-on what I was looking for.  No DVD or training related book can compare to the one-on-one experience of your mentorship; photographing the models, seeing and testing various lighting options that are out there, obtaining your feedback, etc.  It made for an outstanding educational experience.” -Randy

“I really enjoyed the overview of your images and learning how you achieved the lighting on those as well as the live-shooting of the models, very helpful and educational! This was a great investment.” – Shannon




$2400 / full day (8 hours + includes lunch, snacks, coffee & beverages)

*Full day includes:

-business coaching for two topics (pricing and packages, workflow, marketing, customer service, in-person-sales, other)
-portfolio review and critique
-one hour of live shooting with a model to coach your choice of single technique (ie: controlling and using natural light, strobes, posing techniques, in-camera technical guidance/exposure, etc)
-brief editing workflow overview and techniques

$1200 / half-day (4 hours + includes snacks, coffee, beverages)

*Half day includes your choice of two topics /items above

$500/ per hour

*Your choice of one topic per hour to cover or in-studio instruction on your choice of live shooting techniques.
(If you select live shooting instruction, you must provide the model we work with.)



(These correspond to the options above in terms of what they include, etc.)

$1500 / full day
$750 / half-day
$300 / per hour