August 8, 2017

40th Birthday Portraits in Milwaukee – Ginesa

Ginesa is a very special person, and I was so honored and excited when she contacted me to do some portraits.  It was an absolute pleasure to photograph her – and now I’m going to let her do the talking.

“This has been an epic year for me with turning 40 and being diagnosed with cancer.  I’ve worked in healthcare for almost 17 years and even though I knew I would be okay, it’s terrifying. I decided after seeing a friend have photos taken that I would do the same. It would be a way to commemorate my victory and remember that even in battle, there can still be beauty in the small things….and beauty there was.

I can’t believe that these photos are of ME. Jennifer put me at ease immediately and her skill and talent was apparent from the moment I walked into the studio. She continually made me laugh and although I was always cognizant that there was a camera RIGHT THERE IN MY FACE, I no longer worried about what I looked like. She has a way of getting your guard down and instinctively, you trust her. Jennifer has a twinkle in her eye and has the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard.

I love my photographs and the sense of confidence I portray, and they’re all because of her sense of direction and intuition in earning your trust. I would have never thought that I would have difficulty choosing photos at the reveal…and I never in a million years would have thought that these photos were me.

Thank you, Jennifer, for making me see myself differently…for that fact alone, I will always recommend you and will treasure these photographs. “


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