July 20, 2017

Abby – Milwaukee Portraits


This Milwaukee woman right here is just the sweetest, most caring person.  She’s a hard working individual who gives her life to others.  Professionally, previously as a preschool teacher, now in working with non profits, and she’s also a princess.  I mean – she literally impersonates and embodies different Disney Princesses and will come in character to a children’s birthday party, corporate event, etc.  I’m pretty sure her entire goal in life is to make people happy.  And so it was easily my pleasure to photograph her, and I can’t wait until she’s back in the studio again.

And now a few works from Abby on her experience:

“I have been looking to have my commercial and theater headshots updated for a while now but wasn’t proactively looking quite yet until I came across a photo of the lovely co-founder of the Milwaukee Moms Blog, Sarah Kooiman from a recent photo session she had had with Jennifer. She looked stunning and I instantly went to Jennifer’s site to see more of her work.

Her website was sophisticated, yet contemporary…  natural, yet glamorous. She made each subject look as if they came out of a magazine. Just as most women living in our overly photoshopped culture, I tend to be a perfectionist about my body and fixate on my flaws in pictures. After seeing the before and after photos on her site, I knew the makeup artist would be able to highlight my best features naturally  (as I tend to cake on too much makeup when I am left to my own devices!) and Jennifer captured each subject’s best angles on camera with that spark of light in each person’s eye.

Jennifer made me feel so comfortable the moment I entered the studio and we had a blast together. She has such an easy going personality, you can’t help but love the energy she brings to the session, which translates into natural photos that capture the true personality in each photograph.

I have a hobby business as a princess entertainer and she was able to channel that vibe in the photos whilst challenging me to delve into a more sophisticated look. She has such knowledge and expertise that was evident during the shoot… Jennifer is truly a professional AND has the warm personality to make the session comfortable. I can’t say enough good things!



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