April 21, 2017

Carrie Casey Bower

I tell you, photographing portraits for two photographers back to back – I am just so flattered.  Carrie came to me for 40th birthday portraits, and brought along with her, an incredible green Kate Spade dress.  Her session was heaven!

A few words from Carrie on her experience:


My name is Carrie, and I am about to turn 40. 🙂 I live in Madison and have three little boys who make my daily life exhausting, exciting, and usually pretty messy. I work in the design department of a company that manufacturers outdoor furniture, and I love photography.  As I told Jennifer, I am the photo archivist of my own family history, since I inherited all the prints and slides from my family after my Grandparents passed away. It is a pretty good role for me, really. I enjoy going through the photos and trying to imagine the stories behind the pictures.

Although my career has mostly turned in a different direction these days, I worked for several years as a wedding and portrait photographer. One of the great parts of being in this industry here in Milwaukee and Madison, is the great community of fellow photographers that has developed. I first heard of Jennifer through a Wisconsin photographer board, and I admired not only her beautiful images but also her business insight and fun stories. Her portraits really stand out — she has a remarkable ability to capture the beauty and personality of everyone she photographs.

After years of seeing beautiful portraits that Jennifer has taken, I decided that my upcoming 40th birthday would be the perfect time to finally schedule a session for myself.  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about turning 40, but as the date has come closer I’ve decided the best approach is to celebrate this milestone rather than hide from it.

I think it will be fun for my kids (and their kids and grandkids someday) to look back on these beautiful portraits of me and get a sense of who I was. So that is what brought me in, and the experience was really all that I imagined that it would be and more. It was great fun having my hair and makeup done, which was something I hadn’t experienced since my own wedding over eleven years ago. Jennifer made it really fun to plan the session, from discussing wardrobe to talking about what kinds of photos I envisioned. And she was up for anything and everything.

During the session itself, Jennifer’s attention to detail in posing and composition was remarkable — she really knows the best way to set up every photo to make it the most flattering and beautiful portrait possible. And… it was really fun too!

I was quite excited about the reveal session. And as I anticipated, all the images were beautiful. I also loved that there was so much variety in the photos she showed me, even though they were all of the same subject (me!). If you are even remotely considering the idea of having portraiture done, I highly recommend Jennifer. She’s an artist, in the true sense of the word.



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