May 16, 2017

Jean and Kristen – Mother Daughter Portraits

Jean was one of the winners of the Women’s Day Gift Voucher Giveaway!  She told me she wanted to be photographed with her daughter, Kristen.  I absolutely love doing Mother/Daughter photo shoots – it’s such a wonderful way to build memories that become a legacy.

Kristen nominated her mother, Jean, for the Women’s Day giveaway.  Jean’s story absolutely captured my heart and my attention when I read Kristen’s nomination of her:

“I have to nominate my mother, Jean. She has been through so much in her life and still continues to give back to others. She rarely does anything for herself and I know she doesn’t see how beautiful she is, inside and out. Along with my father she runs a homeless ministry as well as a group for women who suffer from abuse. She has such a kind heart and her smile and laugh brightens a room♡♡”

I was so happy to meet Jean at our consultation.  She shared with me many heartbreaking stories of sexual abuse and hardships she endured while growing up.  I was so amazed at the remarkable strength with which she’s overcome those hardships.  She found healing with her husband and through a counseling program for those who have been abused.  Now she leads and counsels women in a program through her church, to help them find freedom of shame and pain.  Not only that, but she and her husband give back in another religious ministry, feeding those who are less fortunate than they are.  Jean says, “It is a blessing to serve in this way.”  What a selfless and truly loving person.  I am so humbled by the way she has taken her life and turned it into a way to give back to others as fully as she can.

And so, it was my great honor to photograph this woman and her daughter.  And now, I would like to share their transformations, and their experience with me in the studio, in their own words:

From her daughter Kristen:  “I have felt like the nerd quirky girl ( and not the cute Hollywood version) ever since I can remember. I am super into comics, video games and very rarely wear makeup but that does not mean you can’t also be girly. When it comes to my personal style, I always seem to gravitate towards anything with a vintage flair. I totally was born in the wrong era. 

I was so excited that I got the chance to shoot with my lovely mother. Showing up to the studio , we were both super excited. Not only did we get our hair and makeup done by Katrina of the Posh Beauty Bar, but we got to shoot with the very talented Jennifer. After my Mom was ready, she got straight into shooting, and her laughter said it all. When we shot together , Jennifer made us comfortable and had us smiling the whole time. It felt extremely natural and we both smiled until our faces hurt.  

Then, the time came for the photo reveal, and I was blown away by how many amazing shots there were. Getting to look through photos and picking our favorites together is something I will never forget.  It is safe to say everything about my experience with Jennifer was beyond amazing and now, because of her, I will forever have these beautiful memories. Not only in my mind but in the form of photos.”

From Jean: “I could never express how great this photo shoot was, from having my makeup done, to all of the wonderful photos Jennifer took. It was such a fun day.  I felt beautiful on the outside in a way I have not felt since my wedding almost 30 years ago. Thank you, Jennifer, for bringing the new beauty of my insides out . 😊”


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  • Mary Frami May 16, 2017

    Jean is the most amazing and inspiring friend. She deserved this day ti be pampered with her daughter. What amazing pictures…beautiful work!

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