December 11, 2017

Justin – Milwaukee Men’s Portraits

Justin was a groom of mine from 2014. I’ve photographed him and his wife both a few times before between the wedding and their engagement session – and I even tend to run into them at concerts around town in Milwaukee, too!

Justin decided to come in for portraits for his 40th birthday. And, I’m so, so glad he did. Every man deserves portraits of himself that he can be proud of. And, Justin is one of the most stylish people I’ve ever met! So, it was a total blast to photograph him. Add to that: this portrait session was just the most perfect way to capture where he is in time now, and to be able to look back with joy when he’s much older. His family will love these portraits for the rest of his life, and beyond.


A few words from Justin on the experience after his photo reveal:

Tonight, my wife Amy and I went to a “Photo Reveal” session for the portrait shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. And…..for the first time in my life, I looked at pictures of myself and thought that I looked truly handsome… even beautiful.

The cognitive dissonance between my life-long negative self-image and self-hate, and the images of myself I was confronted with created so much emotion, that on the way home I ended up crying.

Thank you Jennifer. Thank you for using your art and your talent to show me a person I’ve known all my life, but never gave a chance, me.”




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