August 1, 2017

Katie – Modern Milwaukee Portraits

Katie is another one of the Women’s Day Giveaway winners from March, and I was so excited to photograph her.  Her son is Andy Stenz, who is one of my favorite photographers in Hawaii – he’s originally from Milwaukee, and he nominated her for the session.  Here are Andy’s nomination sentiments:

“I’m going nominate my amazing mother, Katie. After my parents got divorced at a young age, I watched as my mother entered into the workforce at the bottom rung. She worked her butt off to provide for us. And this year, she will be retiring as a Senior VP at a large bank.

She’s beautiful, inside and out. And a session for her would be a great way for her to feel even more empowered, feel even more beautiful, and even stronger!

So here’s to her and all the other strong women out there today (mothers or not).”

She was truly a pleasure to photograph – and I was so honored to meet her and make her portrait.  Her reveal was so wonderful, there were many happy tears shed, and I got to hand over a beautiful folio box full of images that made this woman feel truly beautiful.  And here is a little bit on her experience from Katie herself:

“Fortunate is a word I’ve been using over and over again in the last couple of months. I retired along with my husband Chris, we moved into a beautiful home, and we have been surrounded by family and friends in our celebration of the next phase of our lives. Fortunate….. So when I was given the opportunity to be photographed by Jennifer Brindley (as the result of a nomination for the Women’s Day giveaway by my son Andy,) I had no idea what experience was in store.

I was treated to a day focused on myself starting with hair and makeup and five wardrobe changes! When Jennifer began the shoot I was nervous and somewhat oblivious to the process. Jennifer’s energy and professionalism resulted in a great session and if it doesn’t sound too pretentious, beautiful portraits!  Fortunate to have had this experience, thank you Jennifer. ”


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