January 2, 2017

Liz and Matt

I first met Liz when she did some incredible floral work for a wedding I was photographing a few years ago.  Since that moment she’s been one of my favorite florists in the Milwaukee area – her work is so creative, beautiful, and whimsical.  I am stunned by the work she creates.  She’s also a stunning woman!

It was so much fun to create for her some new portraits for work use, and for her personal enjoyment as well.  Her husband Matt joined at the end for some couple portraits and his own headshots.   It’s a great joy when I am able to photograph a talented Milwaukee business owner – especially one who is such a beautiful person, inside and out.  And now some words from Liz:

“I started Floral Alchemy five years ago born from a personal need for more creative balance in my life.

I learned that the creative process of designing wedding flowers allowed me to use my creative energy to positively affect my clients “send off” into married life. That’s a bold statement, I know! I see a wedding as a day about the love a person and their intended share. A day about the growth and space they have created for one another amongst the delicately woven tapestry of their lives. day that holds the promise of a future as yet unwritten but so very filled with possibility. It’s is a day to cherish, a memory to replay in their mind for years to come. I seek to make flowers the decorative punctuation on one of the sweetest memories of their lives.  A memory so strong and unique that a flower in a garden, a painted sky or a scented breeze is all it takes to conjure the memory for the rest of their lives.

It was a similar line of thought which prompted me to answer Jennifer’s call to photograph women with freckles. Life is so fleetingly short. My husband, Matt and I, eloped this past summer in Italy and weren’t able to effectively communicate with our photographer. I liked the pictures from that day but I LOVE  the pictures Jennifer took of us, and the facial expressions she captured, which I recognize so well.

It’s a tradition instilled by my parents to have family portraits taken every few years and now they provide an important connection to my Dad who passed.  Matt and I have started our own tradition now. Plus, evidently, it’s standard to have a headshot in this business. Who knew?!?! So I jumped in and Jennifer was an amazing guide along the way. She made both of us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. No easy feat there. For me, Theresa Balistreri’s make up and hair skills reminded me of an inner contentedness I haven’t felt in a very long time. And the outcome was amazing! We can share these pictures knowing they are authentically “us.” Additionally, my headshots offer my clients a way to see my “quiet confidence” before we even speak! It’s an experience I would highly recommend to anyone!”


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