August 18, 2017

Milwaukee Portraits – Kristin

Kristin is a bright light.  I have had the honor of photographing this woman three times now – first at her wedding, and then a boudoir session a year later.  Since then life has evolved again, and she became a mother to twin boys!  When she called me for a session I was thrilled to be photographing her again.  And now I’d like to share Kristin’s story in her own words:

“I’m the proud mom of 18 month old twin boys.  While I love them with everything I am, transitioning to motherhood presented challenges for me.  Part of this was the physical insecurities that came with having children.  More importantly, I struggled to maintain a sense of the things that defined me, before my children.
It was when I saw Jennifer’s video where she described her grandmother’s portrait, and what that meant to her to have a beautiful piece of her like that, that I knew I needed to have that experience for myself. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure to be photographed by Jennifer before, so I knew how incredibly talented she is, and that helped with some of my nerves, but, of course, I still worried about how I would look (remember those physical insecurities?).
The experience was nothing short of amazing.  Theresa was so kind and did a beautiful job with my hair and make-up. They both made me feel totally at ease while getting ready.  It felt very comfortable and conversational.  Beyond that, being photographed by Jennifer was incredible.  Her confidence and enthusiasm was contagious.  I felt so beautiful in each outfit, and each pose.  It was a day I’ll never forget.
The portrait reveal was like Christmas!  It was beyond my expectations, from the slide show to the wall of portraits. Trying to narrow it down was so difficult.  I could tell the time she had taken to carefully select each image.
Looking at the photos of myself, I couldn’t help but become emotional.  Jennifer was able to capture a side of me that I thought I had lost.  In this experience, I wanted to tell a story of the confident and powerful woman that I know I am. At the end of the day, I hope that my children can look back at these images, and feel proud to have me as their mother.
For anyone on the fence about whether they should have portraits taken with Jennifer, I couldn’t recommend the experience any more.  This is truly a gift for oneself, and for those they love.
Thank you again, Jennifer, for everything.




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