Milwaukee Professional Campaign Portraits – Deanna Alexander


Meet the lovely Deanna!  Deanna came to me for professional portraits a few weeks ago.  She was in search of a fresh new social media presence and new, contemporary portraits for her campaign as well as a new revamped website she will be launching soon.

Right now, you can check her out on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

In addition to the professional images, we also decided to invite the family in for some new family portraits and a few headshots for her husband.  It was a jam-packed day full of new experiences and a whole lot of fun.  Now I’d really love to let Deanna do the talking. Here’s more about her, what she does, and her experience with me:


“I work as an elected official and from time to time must campaign to the public to be re-elected.  I also work overseeing many important functions of the child welfare and foster care system.  Working in public service and the political realm, I connect on a daily basis with everyone from families in crisis to CEOs and other elected officials, so it is really important for me to convey who I am to people evaluating my professional image and abilities. Today’s selfie’s and mobile-phone photos simply won’t cut it. Many of the photos Jennifer took of me will be used online and in print media and seen by tens of thousands of people as I continue to run for public office and move forward in my career.

Having great photos that represent to others what they might see when they meet our family is important as well as we’re in the pipeline to become adoptive parents!  I’m also watching my little girls grow quickly, and I don’t want their self-image to be completely based in today’s “selfie culture,” and these great family photos help us as parents retain some of that sense of self for our kids.  Having professional portraits that make me and each member of my family look a feel great about ourselves is practically priceless and I am so very pleased with the results!

Jennifer Brindley works differently than other photographers.  She is not only an artist, but a unique innovator, who I found very easy to rely on.  She has a system in place, a process, if you will, in more ways than one. She knows what kind of art she wants to produce for her clients and tailors your experience to exquisitely merge her talents with your needs.  Jennifer lays out everything for you verbally and in writing, in simple, common-sense language, so there are no hidden surprises and everyone is assured of smooth sailing.

Sitting in photos for Jennifer is nothing like the forced poses that old photo studios did when I was a kid.  It is not a labor for her, but quite obviously, a love, as she helps you to choose your outfit and accessories and lays out your background and even primes your attitude for the set.  She listens and takes notes before ever getting out the camera, and takes her job so seriously that there is no obligation to even purchase photos – it is totally up to you once all the work is done – but I’ll warn you, it would be difficult for anyone to decline!

Another thing that Jennifer is good at is grabbing a glimmer of who you see yourself as in your dreams and bringing that out in your photographs.  In my session, Theresa Balistreri also aided with hair and makeup and did an excellent job.  I was comfortable, respected, listened to, and accommodated in all ways throughout my session.  I highly recommend Jennifer Brindley Portrait for any professional, family, or simply fun portrait needs!  ~ Deanna Alexander”



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