September 1, 2017

Molly – Glam the Birthday – 40th Portraits in Milwaukee

This is Molly.  She is a strong, lovely and beautiful woman who works in the non-profit sector and makes her life about helping others.  Her 40th birthday was the perfect opportunity to celebrate – and we decided to do it with CAKE.  Molly came to the studio for a portrait session to celebrate her birthday with a Glamorous Cake Smash.  Read her story below and then scroll down to see her Glam The Birthday images!

“I have a personal tradition of doing something that scares me a little bit on a big birthday.  Trying to conquer a fear of needles by getting a tattoo, doing karaoke to challenge my anxiety about singing in public, etc.  So I was mulling over what to do for my 40th birthday and my friend Troy suggested I have my picture taken.  He knows that despite my affinity for taking pictures, I actually am pretty uncomfortable with being the subject of a photographer’s gaze.

Jennifer made the photography session so painless and fun, I totally feel like I cheated on my birthday challenge!  She’s a person who is so genuine and kind, it was easy to be comfortable and trust her expertise to bring out the best in me for these photos.  And they were wonderful!  I loved every one.  It was pretty amazing to see myself in that light.”



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