February 11, 2017

Theresa, Olivia and Bella

This is a very special session.  Theresa is my Hair & Makeup artist, and we have been working together now for over three years.  She has become my “other half” in the studio.  She is dedicated, caring, selfless, loyal and giving.  She is just. so. good at getting to the heart of what a woman is looking for in her beauty expression.

Needless to say it was really wonderful to photograph her and her daughters.  There’s nothing more important to me than to provide legacy portraits that a family will love, enjoy and treasure for their lifetime to come (and beyond!)  And have I mentioned that Theresa is as beautiful outside as she is inside?  Just look at how freaking elegant she is.  She has beautiful hands.  She is a beautiful dancer.  I felt moved watching her dance – total elegance and grace, and I can only imagine what kind of a memory it must be for her daughters to watch her move and dance and express herself that way.  What a memory, and what a moment it was.

And now, a few words from Theresa on her career, professional outlook and the experience:

“As a makeup artist and a mom, my favorite part of my job is showing women how absolutely beautiful they are. There is a lovely, powerful woman inside every one of us waiting to be empowered. Every aspect of our lives is made more positive when we feel beautiful.

I love being in a position to help a woman capture that image of herself for whenever she needs it. My job is never routine because each face is completely unique and my job is to find that sweet spot for each woman to feel stunning without being over-the-top. I’ve been doing this for 13 years and it never gets old. I’m grateful I get to meet so many wonderful people and I always hope to give them that gift of confidence. I adore working with Jenn because she truly epitomizes the embracing of individual beauty.

Her photos are so exceptional because she is so good at capturing the essence of her subject.

Bringing my daughters in with me to be photographed was a unique and wonderful experience. Getting into the positions in and of itself was fun and bonding. Jenn did a wonderful job posing us and making us feel comfortable. We were chomping at the bit for the reveal session. When we saw all of our images, we were blown away. Narrowing the options proved impossible. She has an amazing way of capturing each individual’s personality. Our images were the most beautiful version of each person and reflected who we really are.




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