March 19, 2017

Three Sisters – Jessica, Allison and Nicole

It’s so important to be photographed with family.  We often think about being photographed with our significant others and with our kids, but we forget about being photographed with our siblings.  I love photographing sisters, they have a bond that is incredibly special.  It was wonderful to make photos of Jessica, Allison and Nicole.

Here are a few of the words from these ladies on their experience with me:

“I am a Plan Administrator for Blue Ridge ESOP Associates. I take care of an adorable bulldog named Maggie and enjoy spending time with my with my twin niece and nephew.
My sisters and I had an amazing experience with Jennifer Brindley Photography. Jennifer is genuine and kind. She made all of us feel so comfortable and beautiful. Her professionalism shines through in everything from the initial booking of the session to receiving the final photos.  Our pictures turned out beautifully. We couldn’t be any more pleased with how amazing of a job she did.”  (Jess)
“I’m married and we have amazing twin toddlers 🙂 I work full time and assistant coach women’s basketball at UW FDL so I’m crazy busy and rarely take “me” time so this experience was extremely appreciated.
Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU! For everything. The entire experience was amazing from the in person consultation and wardrobe review to the the moment we took our folio box home. I’m so glad Alissa referred us to you because otherwise I never would have known a photography experience like the one you offer existed. You truly made us feel incredibly comfortable and beautiful.”  (Allison)

“For the last couple months I have been living in Madison working as a histotechnologist for UnityPoint health- Meriter. It was a very hard decision to move away from my hometown. Mostly because home will always be where my family is.  The city  in which I was born, raised and taught me all of the core values I utilize in my day to day life.
Without a doubt, Jennifer Brindley truly captures the moment and the impeccable bond I share with my sisters. Not only will these mementos be a Mother’s Day present, but more than that, family keepsakes we’ll enjoy the rest of our lives. ”  (Nicole)



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