June 3, 2018

Athena – Milwaukee Portrait Photographer

When I met Athena, she told me that in all of her adult years she had never really been photographed alone, even at her wedding. I was so excited for the opportunity to photograph her and create the kind of portraits that really showed her style and captured her beauty. Every woman deserves beautiful portraits of herself, and Athena is no exception.

And so, Athena has been one of my favorite subjects – bright, colorful, quirky and full of light and joy. I am very proud to share these images of her today. And now a few words from Athena on her experience:


“My ONLY two personal portraits were my high school senior photo and then again at my wedding.  That’s it! In celebration of me, wife and mom of three, I decided to have my portrait taken. (It doesn’t hurt that I hit a big birthday milestone last year and I just started a new business that I could use my personal  photos to promote.)  Regular photos don’t capture me and my curves—But Jennifer did!

I’m so happy with the end results!  My photographs are gorgeous. Wow! The process itself was wonderful.  I went in with some very specific color requests.  Jennifer and her team (Thank you, Alison!) were most respectful of my requests!  I really appreciate their willingness to let the photos be about me and what I wanted… from makeup down to backdrops.

I don’t think I take great photos but Jennifer handled everything and made me feel super comfortable while learning to pose like a model!  I showed my close friends and now they all want their portrait taken!  I can’t wait to see their images as well!!

Jennifer was able to capture a myriad of my personal expressions and the funny thing is that to each person I show the images, each person has a different favorite image. They’re all so amazing!”



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