January 26, 2018

Connie – Milwaukee Portrait Photographer

This was a very special portrait session. Connie is a local photographer and registered nurse. Quite the combination! I was so flattered when she came to me for portraits – because as always, when other photographers choose me to photograph them… there’s really no higher compliment than that. She is incredibly humble, down to earth and fun to be around. I’m pretty sure you can see in these photos how much fun we had in the studio. And now I’ll let Connie share more about her experience, in her own words:

“My name is Connie and I was gifted a portrait session with Jennifer Brindley this past Christmas.

I knew the second I met Jennifer during our pre-consolation session that we would work great together.  She made me relax, feel confident and had just the right amount of guidance when we planned the session.  The eclectic wardrobe curated by Jennifer has something for everyone and I was glad to incorporate some of my own clothes into the mix.
Having my hair and makeup done professionally always makes me feel special. Jennifer’s hair & makeup artist Theresa is a wonderful woman who is incredibly talented. I can’t say enough about her expert ability to transform the everyday woman into someone beautiful.  I wish she lived in my bathroom!!
When I first saw my images on screen I believe I said Oh My GOD about 30 times.  I couldn’t believe how well she captured me in such a dynamic and creative way.  Some images were sweet and playful and others more pensive and vulnerable.  I am honored she chose to create a portrait of me just for her as well–I never thought I would see myself the way she saw me.  But I did and I was delightfully surprised.
The experience felt luxurious, personal and intimate.
Jennifer is an exceptional artist, and I’m very honored to have been captured by her.


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