October 15, 2018

Gabrielle in the Portrait Studio – West Allis Milwaukee

Gabrielle came in with her sister Addy for a portrait session – one where they could experience portraits together but be photographed entirely separately to celebrate their individual styles. I had an unbelievably great time with the both of them and I am so happy they decided to come in. Now some words from the wonderful Gabrielle on her experience:


“I’m the free spirit, kind, nerdy, athletic type. Despite being a musician, loving all things art and being fascinated by photography, if not for my sister winning a photo shoot and being invited along, never would I have treated myself to this incredible experience. I’m so stoked that the Universe conspired in my favor! I am a speaker, writer and avid traveler and often I find that my greatest inspiration comes randomly yet when most needed.

The timing of this shoot was perfect, I was creatively impoverished and in need of a bit of wonder. From the moment I stepped into Jennifer’s studio, which is exquisite and wonderfully eclectic, I was sold. A mere two to three minutes into the consult I thought to myself “why haven’t I done this sooner?”


I was sold on my own worth and value, my personal expression and beauty and the fact that as the nature of Time is temporal, memories become time machines that are increasingly priceless. I was thrilled to have Jennifer facilitate the sustaining of a period of time in my life that I can now access in precise and undiminished clarity through her amazing work.

I was nervous (I totally thought RBF was my only effortless expression) however Theresa had me laughing and relaxed in no time and Jennifer quickly put me at ease with her charm and confidence. I’m not super girly and don’t often wear makeup or have my makeup done by someone else- and yet I really loved the feeling of being significant, pampered and affirmed in every way possible for the entirety of our session. Theresa was wonderful and so good at her craft, I was delighted with the way I looked, she gave “slay” a whole new meaning.


The Reveal… YOOO, I was lit! So so excited to see how the photographs turned out. I was completely blown away. No words… until 7 seconds later when all I could exclaim was “damn, damn DAMN”! Jennifer has an uncanny ability to tease out parts of you that you didn’t know existed; a look, a presence, a way of being seen. If I had a Fairy Godmother I would wish for Jennifer and Theresa everyday 🙂 What an experience, one I won’t forget.” ~Gabrielle


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