September 24, 2018

Jackie – Headshots and Portraits in Milwaukee



I had a fantastic time meeting and getting to know Jackie – and it was an absolute blast photographing her! Like so many other business-minded women, she came in for some fresh branding / headshots, but also to capture herself, where she is at this point in life. Be sure to keep an eye on her Health Coaching website for the updates with all of her new images over the next couple of months. It’s such a joy to work with women like Jackie, and now I’ll let her share a bit about her own experience:


“As a new entrepreneur, I decided I should get some headshots for my website. I Googled professional photographers in Milwaukee and checked out several photographers before finding Jenn. I immediately connected with her portfolio, which quickly turned my intention to have a few headshots taken into why not capture ALL of the beauty that is this moment in my life right now?

I’ve never had professional photographs taken, so I was really nervous about how they would turn out. Jenn’s energy and reassurance made the whole experience just delightful. By the end of the shoot, I thought I could become a professional model! 🙂 For those who know me, I only wear makeup for special occasions. Theresa was awesome and didn’t make me look too overdone or not like myself.

Again, I was nervous for the reveal. I hoped they turned out. I hoped I looked like myself. I hoped this wasn’t huge waste of time.

And then, WOW. It was me. Only there were parts of me that I’ve never seen captured on film before and I have Jenn to thank for that. I now have pictures that represent who I am inside and out that I can cherish forever.”



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