March 21, 2018

Lara – Contemporary Portraits Milwaukee

Lara came to me for some beautiful, fresh headshots and portraits for her business. She is a physician who has moved to a really unique private practice with a very special mission statement. We wanted to focus on contemporary branding images to communicate her style and vision, and we came away with so many wonderful portraits! I’d love to share a bit about Lara’s experience now, in her own words:

I knew Picture Day had evolved beyond laser backgrounds and plastic pocket combs….but initially, I didn’t know where to look for my professional upgrade!  I’m a physician entrepreneur, developing a program that nurtures creativity to help alleviate physician burnout.  I needed head shots that exemplified my passion to bring our colorful Right Brain to the forefront of health and wellness.  When I browsed Jennifer’s online photo gallery, I was confident she could deliver a compelling photo ‘story’. 

Jennifer’s process was seamless from consultation to purchase.  She takes great care to learn about your life and research your brand.  From there, she mindfully chooses colors and lighting to portray your vision, and cultivates the best version of YOU as a result!  Her photo shoot felt more like a gab session with your friend….while listening to music and playing dress-up.  (And there were NO lasers or plastic combs to be seen!)
Thanks to her skill and artistry, I have a set of professional photos I can proudly use for web design, podcasting, speaking engagements, etc.  Each portrays a different facet of my personality that is certain to help broadcast my mission:  Teaching doctors to bring their Right Brain out to play.  Every day.   
….and Jennifer’s fun, playful photo shoot was the perfect way to start!”


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