November 16, 2018

Maddy in the West Allis Portrait Studio

The moment I met Maddy I knew we were going to have a fantastic time in the studio! And when she sent me a text message the week before her session with a photo of her new magenta hair, I knew I would be counting down the days to the photo shoot. Not only was she an absolute dream to photograph, she’s also a very talented, intelligent person who uses her skills daily to help others. She’s been running her own chiropractic business for eight years, and even reached out to help me with a sore wrist when we were working. (It has felt better ever since!)

You can find her on Facebook or at her Website.


“I randomly saw Jennifer’s 2018 Model Call and decided to go out on a limb and apply. Never, in my wildest dreams did I think I would be picked! I’m a chiropractor and have been running my practice for 8 years.

I love working with families, but athletes are my specialty so I’m constantly on the field and never really thinking about my looks. I’ve also been a tomboy my entire life so I was never super comfortable doing my hair and exciting makeup. Sometimes, it is nice to get dressed up, but that just never happened since it wasn’t a part of my life. Also, being in a male dominated industry, I was so set in always looking “professional” that I lost a bit of the spunk.

Then last year, I just decided I wanted to be me and celebrate with fun hair and colorful clothing. I’ve always thought it would be great to have professional photos but never really pursued the idea. I finally decided that at 34, I wanted to celebrate this time in my life. I’m guilty of never really taking pictures to celebrate milestones and times in my life. There are easily years of my life with no photos of me, especially once you get out of school. I also always wanted to do Glamour shots as a kid, but we never had the time or money, so this was definitely fulfilling a childhood dream.

The whole process was so much fun! From the first session, meeting with Jenn she encourage me to pick things I wouldn’t normally wear and really enjoy the experience. On the day of the shoot, Katrina was amazing with makeup and hair. She really gave me a polished look for my head shots and when I told her that I’ve always wanted to wear red lipstick, her eyes lit up as she applied the perfect color to my lips. She gave me tips for how to re-create some of the looks at home and really listened to my ideas to make them come to life.

Shooting with Jennifer was awesome. She made me completely at ease and her excitement made me excited. The finished pictures were amazing! I couldn’t believe those were my photos! I was speechless when I saw all of them and couldn’t believe how she managed to capture so many different expressions. I’m so excited to show everyone these amazing images.  It is an experience that I think every person should have at least once in their lifetime. ~Maddy”



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