January 6, 2018

Milwaukee Pet Photos – Tiffany and Greg


Tiffany and Greg hired me to photograph their wedding back in 2014. I’ve done a few different shoots for them over the years and by now they feel like friends.  Greg and Tiffany have a passion in life for dogs and all animals – and I was totally thrilled when they finally came to me for fur-family portraits!  I am so completely in love with their images – and I am very excited to share them today. But first I’d love to share a few words from Tiffany on their experience with me in the studio:


“Greg is a financial adviser and I am a physician assistant and also own and direct a dance company. We recently bought and completely renovated a hobby farm with several acres of land. Our dream has been to rescue dogs.


Four of our dogs were rescued since we were married in 2014: Ludo, Sir Didymus, Hoggle and Ambrosius. We named them after characters from my favorite movie The Labyrinth. Ursa, my other Pomeranian, is my baby and I had her before we were married and she stood up in our wedding! I wanted to photograph her since she is getting older and has some health issues. I also wanted to photograph our entire fur family. I was nervous about having 5 dogs in a studio but Jenn had everything taken care of.


She had a dog professional there to assist with posing the dogs and watching them while my husband and I were being photographed. She also had a hair and make up artist for me. I didn’t have to worry about anything! Having 5 dogs is hectic on a good day, but the whole experience was stress free.


I  am very picky about photos and I wanted high-end, couture style photos of my husband and myself, as well as beautiful photos of our babies that captured each of their personalities. Jenn does amazing work; she thinks about the little nuances, she helps her clients feel relaxed, she is talented with her lighting and angles and produces amazing photos. They are priceless.



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