September 4, 2018

Miranda – Milwaukee Portrait Studio


When Miranda came in for portraits I was so excited! We have been friends on Facebook for several years and I’ve always wanted to get her gorgeous curls in front of my camera. We had a great time at the photo shoot and I am so excited to share these images today.


“Many years ago, someone told me that I was not a photogenic person and that I didn’t look good in photos – words that became burned into my brain and repeated in my head each and every time I had my picture taken.  So, when I saw Jennifer was looking for people to photograph, I thought it was time to take a chance and just see what happened.


Having recently turned 40, it also seemed like a good opportunity to do something just for me.  We have these societal constructs of beauty that come into direct conflict with aging – and as things begin to grey, sag, and wrinkle, we are made to feel less attractive. And yet I find as I age, I am also less burdened by others’ perceptions of me.  I was struck by Jennifer’s mantra to “exist in photos” and I think she captured much of who I am in the results.


Jennifer is an amazing soul – she’s just a wonderful person, which is evident during the entire process.  I really had only known her previously through Facebook, but I often find myself wishing I lived closer so I could just hang out with her.  She (and Theresa) made me feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. When the reveal came, Jennifer’s work simply took my breath away.


Doing a portrait session with Jennifer has been one of the most random and spontaneous things I’ve ever done, and yet, it’s also been one of the most rewarding – and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Jennifer is a truly gifted artist and I’m glad I took that chance. I’m eager to do it again.” ~Miranda



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