August 2, 2018

Katrina – Contemporary Glamour Portraits Milwaukee

Katrina is one of my insanely talented hair & makeup artists. She owns the Posh Beauty Bar in Stoughton, WI and drives to Milwaukee to work with me and my clients at the studio. She is marvelous! I was ecstatic when she came to me for portraits – to capture herself in this time in her life – to celebrate herself and to create some real heirloom portraits that will tell the story of who she is long after she is gone. ♥ And now about her experience, in her own words:

“My name is Katrina and I am a professional makeup artist and owner of The Posh Beauty Bar. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for about a year now and absolutely LOVE it! 
I’ve always loved the idea of having my photos taken by Jennifer, but in all honesty was hesitant. I have worked with many talented photographers over the years and have had a hard time finding those that photograph me how I see myself. I’m known to most as a makeup artist, and a mother, but not just me, Katrina. I love those titles dearly and have been photographed as such. Yet no one has been able to capture me as just simply me. I have a vintage 60’s loving soul that most don’t see.
It was important that I did my hair and makeup myself and Jennifer was supportive of the decision and made me feel at ease throughout the entire shoot. It was sincerely one of the BEST experiences I’ve had being photographed.  
The reveal was a long time coming and I was nervous. Would Jennifer be able to capture me as I truly saw myself?!
YES. She did and with ease. I teared up when I saw myself in these photos. I’m so grateful for this experience and encourage you to INVEST in yourself. You deserve this. I deserved this and I cant thank Jennifer Brindley Portrait enough.  💜” ~Katrina


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