October 30, 2018

Mother Daughter Portraits Milwaukee – Andrea and Lauren

Hello, lovelies! Today is a very special day because a very special little lady turns TEN. I was thrilled to have Andrea back to the studio with her daughter Lauren – what a perfect celebration of the first birthday in the double-digits. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lauren!
And now a bit from Andrea on the experience:
“This was my second photo shoot with Jennifer. Of course, I bought the Black Label package for my first shoot, which included a second complimentary session with her. I knew that I wanted that session to be a mother/daughter session. This was a surprise for my daughter’s 10th birthday. From the moment we had our consultation my daughter and I were so excited!
When studio day arrived, we could hardly wait to get started! Theresa greeted us at the door and was ready to get to work! Just like the last studio session, Jennifer, Theresa, and I chatted up a storm. Theresa gave Lauren the most perfect 10 year old girl look and slayed my hair and makeup!
Jennifer, in all of her greatness, worked so well with Lauren. She made her feel comfortable and confident. Jennifer really captured the essence of Lauren at this age in her life…from her poses to her expressions. These images are quintessential Lauren.
As for my turn behind the lens as well as the two of us together, Jennifer, knowing that I am strong, courageous, confident, compassionate, empathetic, and unapologetic presented poses that best captured those qualities.
Leading up to reveal day, I was so nervous because I didn’t want to like ALL of the images. The last time I liked all of the images, I bought all of them. I wasn’t sure how the reveal was going to unfold.
And as sure as sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I was blown away by every single image. I couldn’t believe how well she captured the moment. So of course, I bought all of the images AGAIN! And, I’ll be back for another session with her. Maybe it’ll be a family session next time…who knows.
What I love the most about Jennifer is her ability to empower women from behind the lens. She has a way to make all women feel comfortable. As such, I’ve referred a number of my friends to her. This is definitely a “once in a lifetime” experience and the fact that I’ve been able to do it twice, and perhaps, a third time is amazing! I highly recommend every woman to book a session with her because she and Theresa will make you feel beautiful! “


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