July 24, 2019

Maternity Photographer Milwaukee – Lisa

Lisa came to me for Maternity portraits for her second baby a few weeks ago, and I am absolutely thrilled to share these images today. I have always been inspired by Lisa and she is just so utterly gorgeous and wonderful in front of the camera. I am very proud of the images we created during her session and also of how much the images mean to her.

Here’s a bit from Lisa on her experience:


My name is Lisa and I’m the owner of Orchid Chinese Medicine. This is my 3rd time working with Jennifer (and 2nd with Theresa). Each session is a totally unique experience from the others. I always look forward to seeing how her work has evolved and how excited she gets for each and every shot!

I’m about to become a mom to our second little girl and knew that I’d love to have some photos of this pregnancy for her to see someday. This pregnancy has been dramatically different from my first, and it’s amazing to me how perfectly Jennifer showcased that in these photos based on our consultation. Many maternity sessions invariably focus more on the belly than the person being photographed, whereas her work is 100% about capturing the essence of you. 

There is really so much about pregnancy – and parenting – that feels far from glamorous. Taking a moment to step aside from that feels more important than ever when your children are young and you need moments to remember who you really are outside of this role.

The night I took my photos home, I immediately framed my favorite one and hung it on our bedroom wall. At the end of a long day, it’s the last thing I see and a powerful reminder of the person I was before having children, but it’s also so much more: I see the confidence and strength that I hope to model for our daughters as they grow up.

As always, Jennifer created an experience that goes far beyond just beautiful images, which is truly priceless.” ~Lisa




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