February 27, 2019

Milwaukee Business Branding and Headshots Photographer – CAM Collective

These three sharp business owners came to me for branding imagery for their company, CAM Collective.

Right off the bat I was so inspired by their incredible sense of style – particularly the colors in their wardrobe selections and the pure knowledgeable confidence they all exude. I really enjoyed creating some dynamic contemporary portraits for them to use in their branding across social media platforms. Not only that – they were a joy to photograph as well!

From Mai Der on their experience:


“Jennifer was such a pleasure to work with! She is a professional and true expert in her field. We had been longtime admirers of her work and were super excited to finally get in to shoot with her! We absolutely love our photos. Jennifer did a wonderful job capturing each of our personalities and put us at ease during the session. We’ll definitely continue to use Jennifer as our brand evolves. ~Mai Der”


And because I know you’re all curious, here is a bit about their business:

“In the words of famed fashion designer Miuccia Prada, “Fashion is instant language.” CAM Collective’s mission is to empower driven professionals to achieve their career goals through strategic image design and career navigation that focuses on leadership development. As Miuccia Prada so eloquently stated, “What you wear and how you present yourself is a form of expression.” In fact, long before you even utter one word, others have already formed an impression of you based solely on your physical presentation. Why leave that impression to chance? Control your narrative by strategically designing your image to reflect your abilities and the position you aspire to attain.

At CAM Collective, we work closely with our clients to design an image that expresses each client’s unique style, while ensuring the image strategically produces an accurate impression: driven, intelligent, leader, polished, reliable, trustworthy, respectful and confident. We believe that a polished image combined with the right mindset and tools will enable our clients to create a personal brand that aligns with their career aspirations.”

If you want to check them out be sure to follow/like their page at CAM Collective!



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