February 25, 2019

Milwaukee Glamour and Beauty Portraits – Sarah


I was so excited when Sarah came to the studio to be photographed. She rented a gorgeous red gown for the occasion and it was extra special because she grew up across the street from Theresa, my hair & makeup artist. So naturally when the photo shoot day came, it felt even more like we were all old friends than it even normally does. We had so much fun creating these portraits for Sarah, and I am so excited to let her share her experience now:


“I came to know Jennifer’s work when I saw a friend’s photo shoot with her daughter.  I instantly fell in love with the images and the artistry and the glamour.  When I saw a post for a model search for her, I immediately filled out the form and crossed my fingers.  Jennifer contacted me a while later and gave me the amazing news that I had been chosen to be photographed and videotaped.  I was elated to say the least.  On the questionnaire, it asked why I wanted to be photographed.  I recently have gone through a divorce and have 2 beautiful girls.  I want to show my girls that while life can throw you curve-balls that you did not plan for yourself and are not easy to go through, you can still be a strong, confident, and courageous woman.  I want to show them that strength and confidence are beautiful, and to be proud of who you are inside and out.    
When I met Jennifer for the consultation, I was blown away by her professionalism and charisma.  She instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease.  She asked me to describe my style and I said that I am a tomboy princess.  I love to play sports and be athletic and work out, yet I love to get dressed up and be sexy and glamorous.  I want my girls to know they can get dirty and play softball, beat a boy in HORSE on the basketball court, and then throw on a sexy, gorgeous outfit and feel like a princess and be glamorous.  I feel like Jennifer captured exactly that in these photos.  
The day of the photo shoot was unbelievable.  I had the privilege of having Theresa, a childhood friend that lived across the street from me growing up, do my makeup and hair.  That fact made the experience that much more special.  She did a fabulous job from the hairstyle to the amazing makeup.  It was perfect!  During the photo shoot, I felt amazing.  I felt beautiful and glamorous-just how I imagined it would be.  Jennifer gave detailed direction and made me feel like a model!  Her attention to detail did not go unnoticed, from the adjusting of jewelry and hair to the subtle position changes to accentuate my features.  I had a blast and was bummed when it was all over.  It was an unbelievable experience that I would love to do again with my girls someday. 
I was blown away when I met Jennifer for the reveal.  The slideshow presented was stunning and had me awestruck.  The images were unbelievable and glamorous and gorgeous.  She captured the “tomboy princess” exactly how I imagined.  Her artistry is unbelievable and she is fabulous from start to finish.  I am so lucky to have been chosen and I will definitely do this again with my girls! 
I cannot say enough about the experience, and if you are contemplating doing such a thing, I say DO IT!  You will not be sorry!  Thank you, Jennifer, for showing my strength and confidence and beauty so artistically in these amazing photos. 
~Sarah :)”


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