September 30, 2019

Milwaukee Glamour Portrait Photographer – Katy

Katy came to the studio for celebration portraits! She worked very hard to lose over 100 pounds, and decided that a portrait session was the most perfect way to commemorate that achievement and to celebrate. I was thrilled to photograph Katy and give her a way to see herself in a new light, after all of her very hard work. We had a fabulous time in the studio and I am so excited to share her images today.  Now a bit from Katy on her experience:

“After losing over 100lbs, I scheduled my session to celebrate the new body I work so hard to achieve. I had been planning to do get photographs taken of myself as a goal weight reward for the last few years, but when I saw the photographs that Jennifer had done for several of my friends, I knew she was who I wanted to work with.

I’m a mom of three boys. We spend a lot of time outdoors, going on hikes, hanging out with our chickens. Real life is pretty casual and dirty. I had a vision of myself being glamorous and glittery for my photos. I wanted to look like I was in a perfume ad! 

I was so nervous walking into my initial consult, but Jennifer’s genuine, kind conversation relaxed me immediately! It felt like I’d known her for years! 

Photo session day was so different than I expected. Modeling is hard work! Jennifer promised that she’d tell me what to do, and it might feel awkward, but it will look amazing. She was right! I can’t believe how glamorous I look in my photographs. I still see me, but it’s the most polished, dazzling version of myself.” ~Katy



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