March 19, 2019

Milwaukee Photo Studio – Yoga Portraits – Rebecca Singer

I photographed Rebecca’s wedding many years ago and was completely stoked when she came to me for portraits in studio. She told me about her Yoga endeavors and new projects in her future involving Yoga. I was really excited to work with her to create some useful, empowered, peaceful images for her professional use, but also as a time capsule for her daughter. We had a lovely time in studio and I’m so joyful to be able to share these today!

And now a bit on her experience from Rebecca:


Having pictures taken of just myself was a pretty intimidating endeavor. It felt scary! I am historically the one who won’t let friends post a picture because I don’t like how I look in it. In the age of the selfie, it’s just plain intimidating and I’ve stayed a little clear of it. I’ve even been known to “untag” myself in pictures (gasp!).

Yoga has enriched my life in ways that I could never have expected. This is one of those challenging areas that I dedicated some of my yoga practice to. I wanted to not attach such feelings to images of myself. I want Lydia to some day see these pictures and feel happy when she sees them.

In order for that, I knew I needed to be happy taking them and so I of course trusted this only with Jennifer. She had photographed my wedding a few years ago and I just really appreciate who she is as a person and her talent, well, her talent is off the charts. I put this project in her hands and as we discussed the details of how this shoot would go, she said this was new territory for her – Yoga. Together we did some pretty incredible work.

I am so grateful to you, Jennifer. These photos make me happy and proud. Your talent speaks through all of your beautiful work, but what needs to be shouted from the mountain tops is how comfortable and deserving you helped me to feel.

These are more than photos for me. They represent growth, courage and determination. I can’t wait to see where my Yoga journey takes me and I will always be grateful for this moment in time – to capture where it began. ~Rebecca”





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