October 7, 2019

Milwaukee Teen Portraits Photographer – Jackie

I got a call from Jackie’s Dad, Scott. He wanted his 18-year old daughter to have some portraits done to boost her confidence. These two drove from Antigo, WI to my studio here in West Allis, WI which is about a four + hour drive. I am so honored they made the investment of so much time to come work with me. And let me say that Jackie absolutely stunned me. The sweet, cute girl who walked in with round glasses and a letter jacket absolutely blossomed in front of my camera into a stunning celebrity-like supermodel.

And now a few words from Jackie on the experience,

“My whole life I’ve struggled with my self esteem. I’ve never thought highly of myself, taken pride in my accomplishments, or considered myself beautiful. Yet those three things that I thought defined me crumbled during my photoshoot with Jennifer.

I’ve never felt more beautiful than I do now. When I look at those pictures, I feel the corners of my mouth twitch because I can’t help but smile. The amount of self-confidence these photos have given me is unbelievable, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.” ~Jackie



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