March 7, 2019

Milwaukee Intimate Portrait Photographer – Whitney in the Studio


The moment I met Whitney, I wanted to photograph her. Instead I was interviewing her to be my Pet Handler during pet shoots, as she’s a professional groomer. She joined the team and it’s been phenomenal working with her to create beautiful images of everyone coming in to be photographed with their pets.

I was unbelievably thrilled when she applied to be a model for a Clothing Optional session. She has such a unique style and I am so excited to showcase this exceptional human in the elegance and beauty that only is outshined by her inner beauty.

And now a bit from Whitney:

“I met Jennifer on Facebook through a mutual friend. She was looking for a pet professional to be her dog handler for pet portrait shoots, and the friend tagged me in Jennifer’s post. I am a professional dog groomer of 8 years, so I jumped at the opportunity to help out on my days off.

I own a mobile pet grooming business and also work at a grooming salon in Bay View. In my spare time, I volunteer for Brew City Bully Club. I am 100% a dog lady. “DOG L4DY” is even the license plate on my grooming van 🙂 Adding “professional dog handler” to my resume was a no-brainer!

Working with Jennifer has been absolutely amazing. She is a professional through and through. Her confidence behind the lens and knowledge of photography & posing her subjects shines in each shoot I have been witness to. When I saw she was having a model call for 2019, I knew I wanted to be a part of the magic she creates!

Being on the opposite side of the lens made me a little nervous, although I have done many modeling shoots before, none have been nude or implied nude. Jennifer made me feel right at home (as I knew she would) so the nerves subsided quickly. She made me laugh, and made me feel confident, sexy, and strong.

I had never seen myself captured in this sort of “sexy but still my own personal punk-y style” before. After seeing a the finished images, I caught myself thinking “is that really what I look like?!” My confidence is high, and I feel like I can take on the world.

Thank you, Jennifer, for being so talented, sweet, compassionate, and cool!” ~Whitney



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