September 4, 2019

Opera Singer Portraits – Milwaukee Chicago – Janese Pentico


I absolutely adore working with performers, and Janese was no exception. I was thrilled she came to me for new portraits – something in me makes me feel as though I have been destined to photograph singers my entire life. We had so much fun and I am really proud of the images we created. And now a bit from Janese on her experience:


“I’m Janese Pentico, an opera singer from Wisconsin. I just finished grad school and am entering the (scary!) world of marketing myself as a performer. I’ve been following Jennifer Brindley Portrait on social media for a while (I discovered her through the amazing Shoperatic community!) and jumped at the chance to work with her.

As a singer, I spend a lot of time collaborating with others. Working with Jennifer was a special collaboration. She and Theresa took a sincere interest in my vision for myself as a performer. I was so impressed with the planning that took place prepare my session.

Jennifer used such specificity in her posing that I felt like I was working with a stage director – much more my comfort zone! Because of Jennifer’s detailed work, it was no surprise that she carried professionalism into the final stages of the photographic process and revealed the photos with care.

I was so happy with the way Jennifer was able to capture me as a human and as a singer. Brava, Jennifer! Grazie mille!” 



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