April 25, 2019

Pet Family Photos in Milwaukee – Shannon and Steve


Shannon came to me for pet portraits. Her main goal was to get a great family portrait of her, her boyfriend and their two dogs – and also to get great individual shots of her dogs together and separately. I was so elated to create these images for her, and we had a wonderful time working together in studio.

Now a bit from Shannon on her experience:


“Jennifer’s Talent: I discovered Jennifer by following another photographer I’d done some work with. As an interior designer I was captured by the way she uses furniture to create not just a photograph but an art piece. I loved how defined her subjects were by the way she uses sharp contrasted definition as well as the way she uses natural lighting for a softer more romantic and timeless feel. Ask and you shall receive! I compiled a document showing the outfit ideas I had in mind for us as well as a collage of images from her website that she’d taken of other subjects to show the effects I was drawn to. The outcome of the reveal blew me away. The photos are exactly what I asked for- rich and dramatic as well as airy and romantic.

Jennifer’s Professionalism: My dogs are everything to me and to be honest none of us are getting any younger. From the beginning when I inquired about more information Jennifer was professional and set appropriate expectations for the consultation, photoshoot and reveal day. She has your back and is easy to communicate with so you can rest assured that she wants you to be as comfortable, and prepared as possible to enjoy your day.

Jennifer’s Team: Theresa, Whitney and Jennifer are the dream team! Theresa gave me the most personable experience of hair and makeup that I’ve ever had. I didn’t know my skin could look so flawless-thank you Theresa. Whitney was so calm and caring with the dogs for the full 4 hours. My little diva, Addy, was enamored with both Whitney and the camera but Kody was much more timid about the shoot. Whitney’s patience helped him warm up to the experience and by the end neither of the dogs wanted to leave. We all want to thank you Whitney for loads of treats and for your professionalism taking the pressure off of us. Altogether Jennifer, Whitney and Theresa made the day-of enjoyable and stress-free.  Steve was able to show up over his lunch break and complimented Jenn on her quick cadence so he could painlessly be in and out.

Jennifer’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you again Jenn!” ~Shannon





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