December 25, 2019

Pet Photography Studio – Milwaukee West Allis – Kristen and Dan


Happy Friday! Today I have the most perfect of treats for you. Kristen and her husband Dan came in for portraits together with their adorable three dogs. I had so much fun photographing these very special pups. We created some dressy and casual family portraits of everyone together, as well as some fresh portraits of just Kristen and Dan together, too. The perfect contemporary family photo shoot. 

Here’s a bit from Kristen on their experience with the studio!

“Dan and I got married 3.5 years ago and haven’t been professionally photographed since. We wanted a photographer that could capture our entire family (us and our 3 dogs). We started looking for places that were willing to photograph pets as well as us and found Jennifer Brindley.

The experience was fantastic. Jennifer, our makeup artist, and the dog handler were all incredibly professional and understood what was important to us. They listened to what we wanted in our photos and how we described the dogs personalities.

Our dogs can be a handful. I told this to Jennifer upfront, but was concerned about them misbehaving, not following instructions, and having a general dislike for posing with pictures. In addition, the dogs have special needs – one has 3 legs and another has severe allergies. When I met with Jennifer, I outlined some of the concerns I had. She and Whitney (the dog handler) took such good care of the dogs and my nerves settled down after the first half hour of the shoot. The dogs liked them as well!

I was a bit nervous about getting my hair and makeup done by someone I’ve never met before and who didn’t know my style, but Theresa did a great job. After reviewing my outfit selections and talking through what I was looking for, she nailed the look.

I wasn’t sure what the reveal process would be like and really was used to just getting a flash drive after photos had been taken. The reveal process was incredibly exciting. I loved the slideshow and it was so much fun to see the prints. I didn’t expect to be as excited as I was.

Jennifer truly cares about her craft. She is very prescriptive in what she does, how she communicates with her clients, the materials she uses, and her end product.

The photographs will be something that Dan and I will cherish for many years to come.



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