March 10, 2019

Pet Portraits in Studio – Kristen and Luna



Kristen is one of my favorite humans to photograph. And when she got a new dog, Luna, I was so excited when she came in for pet portraits! Kristen always is a little fashion-forward and wants to express herself with a unique style. We had so much fun creating these special portraits of her dog and with her dog. I am so excited to share these today.

And now a bit from Kristen on her experience in this shoot with her dog!


“I have shot with Jennifer a few times , mostly as a model but also a shoot with my mother. Every experience I have had has been amazing and this one was no exception. I had been a little worried shooting with my dog would be difficult because she has a lot of energy and minimal training, but boy was I wrong.

I arrived at Jennifer’s Studio with my pup Luna and as I got whisked away into hair and makeup with Katrina, Luna got to explore the studio. My hair and makeup experience was amazing. Katrina had ideas for our vision and everything was executed perfectly. I had been feeling a bit self conscious about my new hair color, but that went away instantly with the way she styled it. I loved the lashes she used too, usually lashes feel very heavy but these did not and I wore them all day. The makeup stayed in place all shoot and didn’t feel caked on or make my face feel dry. Katrina is also adamant about using products for sensitive skin and that is a HUGE deal for me.

As I was getting my makeup done Whitney the dog trainer came in. Luna instantly went to greet her so I knew things would go well. Jennifer shot Luna while I was finishing getting ready. She seemed to behave really well and bonded with Whitney instantly. It came time to shoot with Luna and Whitney kept her calm in between shots and focused when it came time to shoot. She is a dog whisperer , I swear! My dog doesn’t like being held but was completely content being held by Whitney.

Jennifer was amazing as always, she had amazing outfits set aside for me and was super excited about the accessories and outfits I brought. Shooting with her is always effortless and I count down the days to being able to see my photos. Overall, this experience was one I will never forget.

I think everyone who has fur babies should shoot with this team. The three of them made this shoot such an amazing day for me and my dog. Luna had such a good time, she slept the rest of the day into the night, which is impressive.

I can’t thank Jennifer, Katrina and Whitney enough for helping me create amazing portraits that will be around for decades to come. ~Kristen”




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