September 28, 2020

Grandmother Portraits in Milwaukee – Generations – Britt and Judy


I was so honored to get a call from Britt, all the way from Boston. Her Milwaukee Grandmother was turning 90 and she wanted to treat her to a very special Granddaughter / Grandmother portrait session in my studio. She told me all about how much of a wonderful, spirited and fantastic woman her Grandmother is. She also told me that her family doesn’t really have any good photographs of her. I’m so happy she reached out and that she chose my studio to capture these timeless memories.

Meeting Judy was so much fun, and all we had a blast in the studio together.

Now a bit from Britt on the experience:

“I reached out to Jennifer to help kick off celebrations for my grandmother’s upcoming 90th birthday. 

My grandmother is the spirited matriarch of our family – full of fire, love and moxy. It was my hope to capture her light in these portraits + for her to feel pampered, celebrated and beautiful during the session. 

Working with Jennifer was fantastic. She was professional, thoughtful and kind. From the moment we arrived to the studio Jennifer was wonderful. She helped my grandmother in the door, to get comfortable, pick gowns that brought out her eyes and kept her laughing. Jennifer spent time thinking through details for the day and made sure we had a stress free session – from having chairs at higher heights for grandma to sit in, to providing sketches of how each shot would layout to keep my grandmother sitting/comfortable as much as possible. Beyond her thoughtfulness, Jennifer’s ability to educate you on the process was fun and interesting.

My grandmother felt like a queen and spent the weekend following the session telling friends and family that she is in fact, an undiscovered model. Haha! Age is definitely just a number!

Because I live in another city, the reveal process was virtual, but fantastic. The showcase video was set to music highlighting the selects before a detailed review. Jennifer captured my grandmother so beautifully. We will treasure these portraits for a very long time.

The photos of the two of us are very special to me. There’s a joke in the family that my grandmother and I are old souls/cut from the same cloth – I think you can feel that in the moments Jennifer captured. 

I am so grateful to have found Jennifer. The portraits of my grandmother will be cherished by our family for a long time. ” ~Britt



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