September 9, 2020

Headshots and Portraits in Milwaukee – Jada


Jada reached out to me for portraits, referred by another photographer. I’m always so grateful and honored when photographers refer to me and when they come to my studio to be photographed. I take it as the highest compliment! Jada is a beautiful person and was a wonderful subject – and we had so much fun together in the studio.

Now here’s a bit from her on her experience:


“I am a recently graduated high-school student, and just turned 18 this August. I own my own photography business, and I work full-time in the healthcare industry. I am a registered phlebotomist and I’ll be attending college in the Spring to become a registered dental hygienist. I have always loved the industry of healthcare and helping others ever since I was tiny.
When I contacted Jennifer initially I wanted my portraits done for not only my business, but to celebrate myself on graduating and turning 18. But I eventually learned this experience was more than only that. When I walked into Jennifer’s studio I automatically felt welcomed by her positive and uplifting spirit.
The day of my session came around, and I was incredibly nervous. I have always struggled with my body image. Through-out middle school and high-school I experienced a bit of bullying which had ultimately led to an anxiety filled couple of years. When my senior year came around, I ended up switching to online school to help with my overall mental health. With that being said, my experience being photographed by Jennifer was beyond amazing.
The entire time I was being photographed, Jennifer made me feel badass and gorgeous like I had never felt before.
Jennifer paid attention to the small details like how much wind was blowing in my hair, my facial expressions, and so much more. This showed me truly how amazing she is at what she does. She always directed on how to pose so I never felt lost during the session and she reminded me consistently about how beautiful I was.
This experience was phenomenal. Never in my life have I had something like this done and it was an entirely new feeling. Walking into my reveal session, I was so happy. And although I anticipated this day for days, I was afraid of the unknown, looking at photos of yourself can either be a positive or negative feeling.
As soon as I saw the first photo, I was in disbelief.
Every image had a different detail that I loved, and Jennifer pointed out details she loved that I barely noticed about myself. Jennifer’s creativity shines through each of her photos which leaves you feeling great about yourself.” ~Jada


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