January 24, 2020

Milwaukee Headshots and Branding Photographer – Jen Sherrill Musician and Singer

I am so excited to share this shoot with you all today. Jen Sherrill is a classical vocalist, a musician and an educator. She travels to Lesvos, Greece and does work teaching in a ukulele program at Mosaik, a community center serving the most vulnerable population. She and her husband also raise funds for Girlforward whose mission is to provide adolescent refugee girls with individual mentorship, educational programs and leadership opportunities, creating a community of support that serves as a resource and empowers girls to be strong, confident, and independent.
Needless to say, Jen is a remarkable person and I was so thrilled to create some fresh headshots and branding images for her to use on her website and throughout her professional musical and educational career.
And now a bit from Jen on her experience:
“I have often felt that cameras simply caught my face transitioning from one expression to the next, creating a long history of awkward and sometimes funny photos. Though I am a musician, I have managed to avoid headshots for nearly two decades. However, as my career path shifted, photos became a necessity that I could no longer avoid. I found Jennifer through a friend of mine, Janese, who recently had incredible photos done. She highly recommended Jennifer and the whole process.
The initial questionnaire showed the depth of my need for Jennifer’s expertise. “What is my style?… Well, hmmm.” I was thrilled to finally arrive on the day of the shoot and put my face and hair in the knowledgeable hands of Amy (hmua), while Jennifer looked over wardrobe possibilities. I happily watched as she selected clothing and jewelry that I would have never thought to try, shaping her selections around my hesitant choices and personality. During the shoot, Jennifer was incredibly descriptive and clear when directing how to stand, sit, angle the head, relax the hands etc, etc.. in order to find the most flattering poses. And she allowed me to indulge in a touch of drama and sexuality.
Jennifer is magical at helping a woman find her ease in front of a camera, unlocking the inner beauty. We all walk around everyday as ordinary people, but when we step into Jennifer’s studio, we become unique, extraordinary, attractive, and powerful. I am thrilled with her photos and perhaps it won’t take another twenty years to get back in the studio!”


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