August 3, 2020

Milwaukee Photographer – Studio Portraits – Tammy


Tammy contacted me before the COVID-19 outbreak for some portraits. She was looking to celebrate herself and wanted to know the depth of her inner beauty from the outside. She was also looking for some professional portraits for work. I was so happy to meet her and despite all of the reschedules we had due to the pandemic – we finally got to work together and we had SO much fun in the studio. I’m in love with her photographs and am so excited to share them today.

And now a bit from Tammy on her experience:

“Over the years I have finally learned to reflect on my past journey that brought me this far and understand my lessons in life. Many times I just thought I was right and didn’t take the time to know there was a message I was missing. Now, I wait patiently when I feel there is news in my head and explore.
While reading through social media one evening, I saw a post about Jennifer’s talents and the opportunity to do a photo shoot.  I felt pulled in that direction and decided this was an adventure I must take. It was cold out in Wisconsin, hibernation was a top priority outside of working and exercising, I wanted to pursue this giant awareness of me.
Once we made it to the day of the shoot after many trials to reschedule with this challenging year of 2020, I was ready. I, like many, stayed indoors more than I wanted, and needed an outlet to express myself.
I was surrounded by two wonderful women who were going to get my expedition undway with me. Thanks to Theresa B, for my amazing looks and Jennifer’s guidance on how comfortable the space was and to soak it up.
It is all very playful if you allow yourself to be submerged into the moment. The moment for me was every outfit I changed into had another feeling. Slipping on a black sexy dress, or eye popping green to bring out more of my character. Jennifer’s professionalism to walk me through each new background and props allowed me to feel at ease and at peace with myself. As you relax in front of the camera you no longer realize technology is there, but a confident sense of me being me. Before I knew it our session ended and I know I could do it again.
The reveal experience was two weeks away after the shoot and I kept wondering how the photos turned out. I didn’t want to miss my date or have to reschedule and thankfully we didn’t experience any more opposition to scheduling.
The video of my photos set to wonderful music made me shine on the display. Bigger than life smiles, a hint of demure, and sometimes quietly serious. The wall of honor was even more striking, as that was me. Me, with a new haircut, a new tattoo, and I communicated to myself that by participating in a photo shoot I am valuable and wonderful. 
I shared my photos with one person so far and she absolutely flipped when she saw them. She saw me and always knew I had this other side of me. That inner fire to leave it all on the table and that’s how I felt after the shoot. 
Jennifer and Theresa put me together on the outside, and I brought all of my emotions to collide with the brilliance on Jennifer’s camera.
I’d love to do it again in my future.”  ~Tammy


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