November 15, 2020

Glamorous Studio Photographer Milwaukee – Kiko

I photographed Kiko’s wedding five years ago before I retired from weddings, and so I was absolutely thrilled when she came to me for portraits. She said she wanted to be photographed for her birthday – and we both agreed that there is no better gift to oneself than birthday portraits! Kiko is so special in so many ways – she’s kind, expressive, enthusiastic and full of warmth and joy. It was an honor to photograph her and to share in her deeply emotional experience when seeing her photos for the first time.

And now I’d like to let Kiko share with you about what the experience meant to her:

“I am an actress/singer/voiceover artist, the mother of 3 year old Milo and 1.5 year old Aszure, and partner in life and real estate with my love, John Molitor.

Jennifer so beautifully photographed our wedding 5 years ago and when I saw she was doing portraits, I was endlessly intrigued and captivated by each session and the overall concept. My wheels kept turning about how special and unique it would be to have this time capsule keepsake for my children, but also to have the chance to strip away my roles and responsibilities for a few hours and tune back into me as an individual. Also, headshot sessions are very formulaic, restrained, and dictated by an industry-set aesthetic, and shooting with Jennifer was (finally!) a chance to break free and let loose! I never imagined I would have an experience like this!

I loved and savored every minute of the photo shoot experience. Being adorned in those gorgeous getups, wearing my cherished wedding earrings and Milo earrings, getting glammed up…it was like I had stepped into a dream world. The session elevated my spirits and reignited my ambition. Acting/entertainment opportunities have all but stopped since March, and having these photos taken made me feel so excited to jump back in whenever it is safe again and the stars align. I am so ready!

To see the photos at the reveal was so magical and so emotional. I was overcome with feeling as the slideshow played. I felt such gratitude for Jennifer, for the opportunity, and I was so happy I had treated myself to this experience. The session was so joyful, and then to actually see the photos was just beyond what I could have hoped for. The reveal experience is fabulous and so well thought out.

All the different looks in the various photographs, expressions, the drama, the playfulness…it was such a fantastic, full representation of me and I’m grateful I got to explore all of those sides!

Jennifer and I have such familiarity because of the wedding experience, and it felt so natural being together again. I love her shooting style – she is direct, she has a clear vision for every shot, and she is efficient, but not at the expense of a relaxed vibe. The flow is just perfection! Emily did an absolutely incredible job styling my hair and make up! She was a warm and cheery presence and I so appreciated her talents and ability to get me ready in a short amount of time.

Jennifer is a master of details in every aspect of her business, and I am endlessly impressed by her talents, both as a photographer, and as a business owner. From start to finish, it was a flawless process. I adore Jennifer and how our paths crossed again for yet another significant and special experience!”  ~Kiko



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