August 13, 2020

Portrait Studio Milwaukee West Allis – Kristin


Kristin has been a client of mine on and off for several years – including her Milwaukee wedding, a boudoir session, and a portrait session in the studio in West Allis three years ago. When the Covid-19 pandemic caused Stay-at-Home orders here in Milwaukee / West Allis, I launched a Shop Local initiative encouraging people to support local, small owned businesses. I offered a match of a $500 credit in the studio for anyone who brought receipts to me totaling $500 in local support. Kristin was the FIRST to bring receipts to me. She’s also a local nurse – so you can just tell how much of a great person she is. And that’s why I was so excited that she wanted to come back for another session.

This was a totally different shoot and I’m SO excited to share these today.

Now a bit from her on her experience this time around:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be photographed by Jennifer several times over the years, most recently being 3 years ago. When she started the initiative to help local small businesses affected by the pandemic, I knew it was meant to be as a way to help out, and get myself back in her studio!
When I had my portraits taken a few years ago, they were very much a reflection of how I saw myself in a “traditional” sense. They were, and still are, some of the most beautiful images I could imagine for myself.
But for this session, I knew I wanted something different. I wanted something more creative and magical. Fortunately, Jennifer was totally on board with my imagination. From the moment we met for the consultation, she used the words “ethereal” and “romantic”, which perfectly captured my vision.
On the day of the shoot, I had the pleasure of meeting Katrina, who did the most incredible job with my hair and makeup. She knew what we were going for and executed the look perfectly. My eyes are one of my favorite features and she just made them pop!
The session itself was so much fun. Jennifer is so masterful in her craft. While I’ll never feel confident in front of a camera, she has a way of making you feel at ease and as though you’re the most beautiful person she’s ever seen. It gives you the most incredible boost. I knew at the end of our time together we had created some beautiful images.
At the reveal, I was absolutely blown away. Like Alice falling into Wonderland, Jennifer created a world where I was a soft, gentle princess one minute, and a fearless, evil queen the next. I wanted portraits that were dreamlike and unique, and Jennifer delivered all of that and more. I truly felt as though I was staring at myself turned into fine art.
While I wanted something that would feel different from myself, at the end of the day, Jennifer was able to create portraits that brought out some of the best things about me. I am all the things in these images: I am a queen, I am a romantic, and I am fierce. I am so lucky to have these portraits to look at, whenever I may need a reminder. ❤️” ~Kristin


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