March 18, 2021

Beauty and Boudoir Portraits Milwaukee West Allis

A very Happy Friday to you all! This is the first of three very special shoots you will be seeing between now and the end of July. Victoria is the first of two sisters and a mother who all booked portrait sessions separately over these few months. What a blast! Victoria was such a joy to photograph and I’m so glad to be able to have shown her that she is *already* the woman she has always dreamed of being.
Here’s a little bit from the ethereal Victoria on her experience:
“I turned 30 this year. Gradually, I have come to understand that I am still learning how to love myself, entirely. Time has seemingly and rapidly picked up its pace. I made the choice to pause and be captured in my youth, independence and freedom.
Jennifer captures not just what you expect, but so much more. Her process is nothing short of magical!
She revealed thirty years of my growth, the visible woman I have become and choose to be.
It took bravery, I truly believed I didn’t have, to exemplify my human intentions unapologetically. But with the snap of her fingers and gasp of her breath, Jennifer empowered me to be all the things that I am without fear or question!
I can’t express enough gratitude for the experience she gave me. Her artistry is love.
When I look at these images I am proud of every part of me, even the parts I am still learning to love.”
Victoria 🧡


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