November 8, 2021

Generations Portraits in Milwaukee – The Cullen Family


“Ready or not, it’s holiday season! If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea, I’d highly encourage you to meet Jennifer Brindley! She’s an incredible person and award winning photographer!

My daughter Carrie Withrow, also a photographer, suggested Jennifer taking generation photos. Carrie follows Jennifer on social and gleamed about her work! Of course I agreed to this idea initially to support Carrie.

Carrie also extended invite to her sister/my daughter Mandy and my 82 year old mom, their Gram. Mom was absolutely reluctant, but came along for the ride.

What a pleasant surprise and incredible experience! Jennifer welcomed us into her amazing studio with open arms! After initial introductions and explaining this process, she showed us to her incredible section of GLAM dresses! I think mom was the first one to start trying them on and DANG did she look good! More important was witnessing how it made her feel….INCREDIBLE! And actually how it made us all feel, AMAZING! Once we chose our Glam outfits, we decided on blue jeans and white shirts for casual photos.

We were all eager to return for our photo shoot with Jennifer a few months later. Of course Jennifer welcomed us warmly and before we knew it, we were being pampered by some lovely gals from The Posh Beauty Bar who were so kind and did a spectacular job with our hair and makeup. Seriously, we each looked and felt great!

We enjoyed our time as Jennifer paid special attention to each of us taking individual photos as well as creating precious poses for our generation photos. We anxiously awaited the reveal!

Our reveal was this week! Oh my goodness! Jennifer did such an incredible job! As Jennifer revealed them, we weren’t sure if we should laugh or cry. Let’s just say there was lot of AWEING going on! Mom looked like she was in her 60’s! The photos spoke for themselves! Jennifer did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of who we are!

Thank you Jennifer! We are grateful and will forever cherish this experience and treasure the memories of this day.” -Love, Patti


From Ann/Gram:

“After not wanting to participate in the generations photo shoot as I am the 82 year old grandma, it was such a special day to have the generation pictures taken. The dressing up and make up were such a fun time for sure, and Jennifer’s help with the choices was so good, I did enjoy it all.
Jennifer is so professional and kind while taking the photos – it was a very enjoyable experience and her work is exquisite. She is so knowledgeable about the poses and the lighting to make the best of every shoot. It was a wonderful experience and I will recommend her photo studio to anyone while I am showing off my photos.” ~Gram
From Carrie and Mandy:
“Our vision for our generations photo shoot came together beautifully through Jennifer’s lens and masterful photography. She was an absolute professional from start to finish. The experience was worth every penny. We’ll cherish these priceless memories for years to come.” ~ Carrie and Mandy


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