October 6, 2021

Glamour Portrait Photographer in Milwaukee – Jenny in Studio



“Who hasn’t dreamt of being a model in a magazine? Jennifer gave me that opportunity and I loved every moment of the experience. One of our good friends did a session with Jennifer and my husband saw it online and asked me if I would be interested in doing a session like that. Being a mom and entering my 40sโ€™, you donโ€™t get to dress up everyday. Yoga pants and sweatshirts become your best friend:)

During my consultation, Jennifer encouraged me to try outfits that are not my usual style and they turned out to be my favorite shots!

I learned so much from Jennifer during the shoot. She taught me how to look sexy, how to sit and how to stand like a magazine model. She is extremely detail oriented and her constant encouragement made the shoot even more fun. Katrina was amazing as well. In the blink of a eye, she turned me into a different person. Iโ€™m a designer and you would think hair and makeup should be an easy thing but honestly those are the most difficult things ever for me. I was amazed how quickly she made me look!

Coming home from my reveal session, I found myself smiling constantly and excited to share the images with my husband. Jennifer made this whole experience about me which made it very special. Thank you Jennifer for making my dream come true!” ~Jenny


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