April 7, 2021

Headshot Photographer – Branding Session Milwaukee West Allis – Sarah Reed


I was so happy when Dr. Sarah Reed was referred to me for branding & headshots. She wanted to really focus on her particular style and capture images that would work for a variety of uses in her professional life ranging from inter-office work uses, her blog, marketing, her website and social media, as well as for her speaking engagements.


She’s even gotten immediate use out of the images already with an upcoming facilitated dialogue on suicide prevention:


I love the images we came away with and now I’ll let Sarah tell you a bit about herself and her experience:


“I was referred to Jennifer Brindley’s photography studio by a friend and co-worker. I was thrilled to get an appointment so promptly, as I know Jennifer’s schedule fills up quickly.

My photo session was transformational! It was fun and relaxing, playful and empowering. In my 36 years, I rarely recall feeling so simultaneously, peaceful, confident, and genuine.

Jennifer made me feel ‘seen.’

Not seen as in through one’s eyes or through the camera lens. But, ‘seen’ as in helping me to access feelings of authenticity, identity, and self-pride.

I am a psychologist and someone who has lived with mental health challenges since young. This photography session was money well spent not merely on helping me build my brand and market my business, but in facilitating my health, well-being, recovery, and self-acceptance journey. I could not endorse Jennifer’s services more. I already intend to return next year for photos to enhance my blog and have made an appointment for my partner.

As for the photos, see for yourself. I am building a consulting business emphasizing storytelling and the power we, as individuals, have to decrease oppression and increase inclusion, when we share and own our stories with others.

Jennifer’s work, for me, is similar in purpose. She showed me sides of my personality I rarely see. Through her photos, she has helped me to tell my own story more effectively and to proudly claim the intersecting parts of my identity. “


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