December 21, 2021

Kate in the Milwaukee West Allis Glamour Studio – Portraits

“I’m Kate McGee! I love life, and I work hard to help share positivity as much as possible. I’m an operating room nurse, mother of three, and “part-time” house remodeler. I feel like most of my life has revolved around the service of others. I am willing to give advice to my patients and my friends that I have been hesitant to give to myself. I am willing to give SO much grace to others, and I realized recently that as hard as I am hard on myself, I am passing that habit on to my children. I would be so sad if my daughter had the idea in her head that she wasn’t good enough. So, I decided that I would start to believe that I am good enough. Just as I am, no strings attached.
I’m Kate. I am ENOUGH.
SO, why did I want to be photographed? Because I first saw Jennifer’s work in 2015, when a coworker had her session, and I thought to myself, SOMEDAY, I’m going to do that. That looks amazing. So as my journey of being myself and realizing how awesome that is, I decided that 2021 was the year that I would be photographed. I’m 36, I LOVE being 36, and I wanted a “snapshot” of who I am right now. Just Kate.
Jennifer asked me to write a little bit about myself so that she could start to get to know me before our session. I remember thinking about what Just Kate was like. I told her that I’m like a kaleidoscope. I’m many different things to many different people. I’m a little Punky Brewster and a little Audrey Hepburn. I’m a little bit of everything to everyone. But at the core I’m still always Kate.
The entire experience was like a dream! At our first session, I was nervous about how I was going to choose my items and what my “theme” would be. Jennifer made the process easy and she made me feel welcome from the first moment we met. The outfits that we decided on became a perfect reflection of me.
When I went back to be photographed I was newly nervous and excited! Once I walked in the door and saw all of my outfits, it felt like a dream again. Katrina had me sit in the chair and she expertly worked on my hair and makeup. First she put together a more professional subtle look, which was beautiful and more understated. I loved that she asked for my feedback and wanted to make sure that my hair felt normal for me. It was all just amazing!
After the professional pictures it was time to get “glammed” up! I sat patiently anticipating, but once Katrina asked me to look again, I was speechless. Literally, NO WORDS. I looked like myself, but I had never seen myself look so flawless. My eyes looked bigger and brighter than normal, my skin was like…. Even now, it’s hard to describe. I just felt like the best version of myself that I could ever be.
As Jennifer began directing me for the pictures, I realized why her work is so amazing. She had a plan for every outfit, and she knew exactly how to help me pose to get all of the best angles and pictures. I felt like a model. I thought it was going to be awkward and that every picture would be my same smile, but Jennifer made sure that there was a wide range of different shots, while still recognizing that smiling is my favorite!!!
When I went back for my reveal session, I remember saying, Oh that one is my favorite! And as the reveal went on it became clear that choosing a favorite was not possible!!! I love them all. They each have a different personality just like I do. Jennifer nailed it.
This is Kate. This is 36.
Thank you Jennifer. I can’t wait for next time!! 🙂” ~Kate


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