May 3, 2021

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer – Heidi in the Portrait Studio

Heidi came to the studio a few weeks ago for her shoot, hoping to see herself the way the people who love her the most see her. She most certainly came to the right place – because that’s exactly what I do.
I absolutely loved photographing Heidi and I am so happy to share her photographs today.
Here are a few words from Heidi on her experience:
Where do I even begin with this experience with Jennifer?
I starting stalking her social media about 5 years ago in hopes to one day be a client of hers. Well the day finally came that I decided this was the time to do it. I told myself that this is going to be my therapy after this year of ups and downs.
From the consultation to the final reveal I felt like a million dollars. I struggled a lot my whole life with fitting in and feeling pretty. I told her I wanted to see what other people saw and she made me see something I never saw before.
To say I am obsessed seems so selfish, but it’s not. I am sure you have all heard the term “treat yo’ self”, well I did just that. Teagan my oldest told me right before the shoot that if I wasn’t a hairstylist she pictured me as a model. I laughed out loud at her and told “you’re so silly”. She didn’t understand and it dawned on me that it’s my responsibility to show her to be confident and proud of herself and body and never to shame anything that she was born with.
So, she reassured me that I was making the right choice to spoil myself and have a day for just me to find that confidence. I am a proud business owner and a woman. I have to celebrate that in 2021!
Thank you Jennifer and Emily for your unbelievable talent!” ~Heidi


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