April 15, 2021

Milwaukee Portrait Studio – Glamour and Fashion – Addy

I’m so excited to share this shoot today. Addy Danielle came back to the studio for another portrait session a few weeks ago and we had a purely magical time. She’s a phenomenal subject not only because of her beauty but because she has a very special ability to emote so intensely in front of the camera. We felt all of the feels in this session. So much power, so much royalty. I am honored to capture and preserve her beauty – which only reflects just how incredible a person she is inside.
And now a few words from Addy on her experience and intentions with this session:
“This was my second photo shoot with Jennifer and I honestly can say that there is something absolutely magical that happens in her studio.
From the hair and makeup done by Katrina, to the actual shoot and reveal-everything was flawless and left me speechless (for the second time).

I can’t say enough amazing things about Jennifer and the care, energy and time she puts into each person who walks through her doors. This was an experience that I will cherish for years to come.

I wanted to be photographed this second time because I was ready to release the caged bird so that she may fly.
With this shoot, I wanted to embody authenticity, empowerment, resilience, boldness, freedom, truth and represent my ancestors and the strength, fearlessness, determination and perseverance that they passed down to this Black life.
For me, this shoot pushed me outside my comfort zone, and that’s where I was able to tap into something that was always within me. The images are the essence of what needed to be spoken, but could never be said.
This is me. THIS, is Black excellence.
Jenn, thanks so much for this gift.” -Addy


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