May 10, 2021

Modern Portrait Photographer – Milwaukee and West Allis – Tiffanie

Tiffanie came in for a Hybrid Portrait Session a few weeks ago, and hooooo BOY did we have fun! I loved all the beautiful color and energy she brought to the shoot, and her personal style which is a little bit glam and a little bit feminine and a little bit funky and fun.

A bit from Tiffanie on her experience:


“The last year of isolation has been so very difficult, to put it mildly! I wanted a portrait session to mark some personal milestones and for something joyful to take out of the pandemic.

When I consulted with Jennifer, I was enamored with the studio wardrobe. I had so much fun playing dress up, it was a dream come true!

We set a portrait date and off I went to get nervous and worry about what I’d look like. The outfits weren’t colorful enough, I lost too much hair, and gained too much weight. I was not portrait worthy. I wanted to cancel so badly. I’m glad I didn’t.

The moment I walked into the studio for my session, my nerves calmed.  Jennifer and Katrina were rays of positivity, their excitement was exactly what I needed. Katrina refined my beloved curls and worked her magic on my makeup. The awards season version of me that had been sitting on my couch for months was finally getting her moment to shine. And wow, she was so happy to be seen.

The experience of being photographed was absolutely delightful. Jennifer’s artistic vision and excellent direction made being in front of the camera extremely enjoyable. I felt like a supermodel down to the perfect playlist and diva fan blowing my hair and dresses around. Twirling around in the tulle skirt was pretty fabulous too.

The experience was everything I didn’t realize I needed so badly. 

I was nervous for the reveal and once again seeing Jennifer calmed me immediately. She transformed the lively studio into a personalized screening session. Seeing myself on the screen was unreal. The weight of the moment hit me when I saw my photo wall.

I was so overcome with emotion that I started sobbing and asked Jennifer for a hug. I’m surprised I didn’t faint. There was much more there than printed photos. Jennifer had brought out and captured all of the facets of me that had gone missing over the last few years. I still tear up (in all the best ways) thinking about it. For that, I will be forever grateful to Jennifer.

I’ve looked at my photos so many times in awe.

I got so much more than portraits, I got myself back. 

Do yourself a favor, book a portrait session with Jennifer. It will change your life. “



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