November 5, 2021

Portrait Photographer in Milwaukee and West Allis – Heidi in the Studio


“As a behavioral health clinician who holds space for women and mothers every day, I am acutely aware of the difficulty we often have with self-love, making ourselves a priority, and doing something that is just for us.
My individual experiences and my career have taught me so much about change. Birth changes us. Loss changes us. Motherhood changes us. It all requires patience and sometimes, a re-learning. But that new awareness? The beautiful vulnerability of showing your SELF to the world? It’s remarkable.
I have felt the passion and pain of the journey to my true self and often wondered how I might ever be able to show the world this person. I have wrestled with her, protected her, become an expert at listening to her—and yet I sometimes doubt the woman the world sees.
As I reflected on who I am as human, female, mother, wife, clinician, daughter, friend—the fractured parts of the self I have been discovering, nurturing, healing, and rediscovering over the past decade—I realized how aware and intentional Jennifer is in her work.
When you choose to invest in yourself and work with Jennifer you are vulnerable—vulnerable in the most beautiful way. From our first meeting, throughout wardrobe selection, the day of our photography session, and through the reveal Jennifer holds the magic mirror allowing you to see the integrated SELF that you deserve to celebrate every day.
Katrina with Posh Beauty Bar is an incredible artist and her attention to detail unmatched. She was able to create a natural look with makeup and hair that matched my professional brand while also bringing the heat to change up hair and makeup when the wardrobe turned up. I felt comfortable, beautiful, and at ease.
The entire process was a dream and Jennifer’s encouragement, joyful spirit, and attunement create the perfect environment for self -love, integration, and all out FUN.
Everyone deserves an experience like this and if you find yourself following Jennifer’s work on social media like I had for years—don’t hesitate.
Book your session. Your SELF will thank you.” 💟 ~ Heidi


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