September 22, 2021

Portrait Photography Studio Milwaukee West Allis – Jennifer


“I first saw Jenn’s work in 2017 when she shared her photos of a mom blogger I follow, and I decided then that a session with Jenn was what I wanted for my 40th birthday. I had the feeling she could help me see the “me” that was possible. I wanted proof that I didn’t need extensions or implants or injections. I wanted to believe that I am who I was made to be. I turned 40 last September, and we got that photo session in just in time.

The whole experience was phenomenal. Jenn is talented and communicative and patient and encouraging and kind. She soothed my nerves, guided my decisions, and read my reactions well. She has the whole experience orchestrated perfectly – from choosing the wardrobe, to being pampered by a talented makeup artist, to posing for perhaps hundreds of clicks of the camera and still finishing precisely on time.

At the reveal session, Jenn pointed to one of the pictures and said, “This is the you I met that first day. This woman is confident and motivated and still soft and mysterious.” I loved that. People don’t often share about who they think you are. And I can see that me in the pictures.

When my little girl saw the photos, she gasped and her eyes grew wide. “Beautiful….” she breathed. That may have been equal parts a reaction to me and to the fancy dress and jewelry she wishes she could try on. I asked if the pictures look like mommy, and she said, “Of course!” followed by, “But why is your hand there like that?” I’m so glad she sees mommy in the pictures; I can see that me, too. And I appreciate that Jenn told me exactly where my hands and hips and chin should go for every photo!

“Art.” That’s what my husband keeps saying. He was stunned by Jenn’s talent in creating her artwork. What an honor it is to be the subject of her creations. I asked him which photos look the most like me, and he chose the ones where I’m smiling and laughing. I see my genuine joy in those pictures, too.

Every time I look at my pictures (and that’s at least once a day!) I marvel at all of the ME Jenn was able to capture. I see a beautiful me, a me full of possibility, and a little more of the me that I hope others see. ” ~Jennifer




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